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Venue : Dubai World Trade Centre
Date : 9-11 April 2020





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Happy Life is a Healthy Life . Healthy Life is a Happy Life. AYUSH for a Happy & Healthy Life.


Ayurveda, the Science of Life, is a 5000 years of wisdom distilled into a system of practice having its historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.


Yoga today, is no longer restricted to hermits, saints, and sages; it has entered into our everyday lives and has aroused a worldwide awakening and acceptance in the last few decades.


The foundation of Unani system was laid by the father of medicine - Hippocrates. Unani medicine, otherwise called Islamic Herbal Medicine is a Greko Arabic medicine which is based on the 4 fundamental principles – Dam (Blood), Belgum (Phlegm), Safra (Yellow Bile), Sauda (Black Bile).


Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. This principles and doctrines of this system, both fundamental and applied, have a close similarity to Ayurveda, with specialization in iatrochemistry.

Sowa Rigpa

Sowa-Rigpa - commonly known as Amchi system of medicine is one of the oldest, living and well documented medical tradition of the world.


The word ‘Homoeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words, Homois meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering.



International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition Dubai shall be distinguished as the finest International Conference integrating Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha, Sowa Rigpa & Homeopathy.

  Mission & Strategies

To outreach the benefits of AYUSH to Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa & America.
To educate the public on the proper benefits and usage of AYUSH medicines.
To inspire the AYUSH professionals to be exceptional physicians, educators and researchers of tomorrow.
To facilitate Policy makers & Government to integrating AYUSH to the main stream of healthcare delivery system.

Chief Patrons

Shri Shripad Naik
Minister of State (IC) Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India.

Shri V. Muraleedharan
Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs, Govt. of India.


His Excellency Shri Pavan Kapoor
Ambassador of India, UAE.

His Excellency Shri Vipul
Counsel General of India, Dubai.

Steering Committee

Chair :

Vd. Rajesh Kotecha
(Secretary, AYUSH, Govt. of India)

Co Chair :

Dr. Satish Krishnan
President SIF UAE
(HOD of Neurosurgery, Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah, UAE)

Members :

Mr. Raghuveer Kini
ED, Pharmexcil

Dr. Manoj Nessri
Adviser, Ministry of AYUSH

Dr. DC Katoch
Adviser, Ministry of AYUSH

Mr. Pramod Kumar Pathak
Additional Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH

Prof. Vd. K.S. Dhiman

Prof. Asim Ali Khan

Dr. Anil Khurana
Director General CCRH

Prof. Dr. K. Kanakavalli
Director General CCRS

Dr. Raghvendra Rao
Director CCRYN

Shri Jayant Sahasrabudhe
National Organizing Secretary, VIBHA

Dr. Sudhir S Bhadauria
Secretary General, VIBHA

Mr. T M Nandakumar
GCC Co-ordinator SIF

Mr. Ranjit Puranik

Mr. Chandrasekharan Nair K A

Dr. S Sunil Kumar

Advisory Board

Dr. PK Varier, Kottakkal

Dr. H R Nagendra, SVYASA

Dr. Sassan Behjat, USA

Dr. PR Krishnakumar, AVP Coimbatore

Prof. Dr. P.K. Sudhir, Tamil Nadu

Prof. Sanjeev Sharma, Director. NIA,Jaipur

Dr. Ishwara N.Acharya, Director - CCRYN

Dr. Naveen KV, SVYRF

Dr. Eswara Das, New Delhi

Organizing Committee

Chair :

Dr. B R Shetty
Chairman BRS Ventures

Co Chair :

Dr. P M Warier
AVS Kottakkal

General Secretary :

Dr. Shyam V L

Joint Secretary :

Dr. Sreevals Menon

Secretaries :

Dr. Prasanth K T

Dr. Prathibha Rajesh

Dr. Sreelekha Vinod

Dr. Benazir Quraishi

Dr. Lina Barot Rathod

Dr. Lekshmi Sajith

Scientific Committee

Chair :

Dr. Pawan Kumar Godatwar

Co-Chair :

Dr. Vaneeta Shahani

Members :

Dr. Sathiyarajeswaran

Dr. T. Thirunarayanan

Dr. Halowine Coelho

Dr. Sinsen Joseph

Dr. Syed Asaduddin Ahmed

Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Khan

Dr. Shalina Jafer

Dr. Suresh Visw

Dr. Atul V. Pednekar

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International AYUSH Conference & Exhibition 2020, Dubai
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