Established in 2011, the World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF) is aninitiative by Vijnana Bharati aimed at global propagation of Ayurveda. As part of a larger intellectual movement under the aegis of the Swadeshi Science Movement undertaken by Vijnana Bharati,WAF is a platform that would take Ayurveda to the world for all the benefits mankind can draw from traditional health sciences.

The objectives of WAF reflect global scope. Propagation andencouragement of all activities — scientific and Ayurveda-related — are the core principles. Support to research, health-careprogrammes through camps, clinics and sanatoriums, documentation, organization of study groups, seminars, exhibitionsand knowledge initiatives to popularize Ayurveda in the far cornersof the world are the broad latitudes of focus at WAF. WAF ispositioned to provide this much-needed leadership with its wideparticipation of various stakeholder groups. The impact of WAFencompasses the areas of policy, action, public health, trade,practice, science and, above all, global outreach for the benefit ofsociety and mankind.